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Making Lip Balm is probably one of the easiest bath products to make, so this is going to be quick.

Start with your lip balm recipe; if you don't have one, a good start is 1 part wax, 1 part hard oils, and 1 part soft oils.

Put your oils and wax into a container and melt. Use a double boiler if melting on the stove, or a microwave safe container if using the microwave.

Melt slowly as to not overheat the oils, keeping a close watch to make sure everything is melted.
If you would like to color your lip balm, FD&C colors would be recommended. (Note: to incorporate a liquid colorant into your lip balm, use one or two drops per batch and mix until the lip balm is thick and almost solid. Re-melt the batch before continuing to the next step.

Add flavor oil, if you want, to the melted balm and mix well. The amount is based on personal preference. If using essential oils for flavor - please use them in moderation as to not irritate the skin.

Pour melted mixture into lip balm tubes or pots, and let cool.


Everyone's idea of the perfect lip balm is different, so experiment to find the best solution for you.
If you would like to use a wax other than beeswax, soy and candedilla are great substitutes.
Adding a little vitamin E to a lip balm is a popular additive - my favorite! I won't make a lip balm without it!

If you would like a lip balm that soaks in well, try using an oil that soaks well - such as olive, meadowfoam, ostrich, or emu oil. This should help pull the moisture into your lips rather than just sit on top.

Try mixing cocoa butter, shea and a little jojoba to make a lip balm without wax - although balms with wax seem to do best and hold together well.

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